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Reading Pride and Prejudice at the Jane Austen Festival

I’m at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath this week, and was very honoured to be part of the Pride and Prejudice reading that took place on Sunday.
The opening chapters were read by the wonderful actors, Adrian Lukis, who played Mr Wickham in the 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice, and Caroline Langrishe, the well-known actress of British stage and television.
I love reading aloud – it’s always been a pleasure of mine ever since I was a little girl, but I hadn’t really thought about what a huge challenge this was going to be until I actually sat down on the same row of chairs as these wonderful actors! I’m sure appearing on the same bill as Adrian Lukis, Caroline Langrishe and Maggie Ollerenshaw would be the dream of most would-be actors, and all of a sudden the enormity of the whole event struck hard! Anyone who really knows me will appreciate how nervous I felt – I really have to make myself volunteer for speaking events – I’d much rather hide in a corner, but I decided a while ago that I would try and embrace those things that frighten me. With a bottle of water secreted in my bag as defence against a dry mouth, I tried to tell myself it would all be okay.
Adrian Lukis was fantastic – his rendition of Mr and Mrs Bennet both funny and memorable, and then Caroline Langrishe followed on with equal brilliance. Their ability to capture the characters was spot-on, and the audience reacted accordingly, laughing out loud as they interpreted Jane Austen’s wonderful writing.
Also reading was the lovely Sophie who presented the last readathon at the centre, and an up and coming actor, Jack Collard who I’m sure will be playing Mr Darcy one day!

With Adrian Lukis and Caroline Langrishe

Waiting for my turn to read chapter five was agonising, and my knees were knocking together as I stood in front of the large crowd, but it was soon over – thank you, Jane Austen for writing short chapters – and I could return to my seat to wait for my turn again.

In the evening, we were treated to another fantastic performance from Adrian Lukis and Caroline Langrishe who performed a set of duologues – all the wonderful scenes from Jane Austen’s novels. They are both so generous with their time, and so charming – I was lucky enough to have my photo taken with them, and they signed autographs afterwards for all their fans!


Jack Collard

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Last night we were treated to a delicious evening’s entertainment from two of our wonderful British actors at the Jane Austen Festival. Adrian Lukis (who is a very well-known and loved actor in the UK –  he played Mr Wickham in the classic 1995 Pride and Prejudice adaptation)  and Caroline Langrishe (who is well-known for her roles in Judge John Deed, Lovejoy and Sharpe) entertained us with a selection of duologues – some of the most memorable scenes from Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and of course, Pride and Prejudice. My personal favourites were the scenes from Persuasion – beautiful!
They were absolutely brilliant and brought all of the characters to life – it’s always wonderful to hear Austen performed ‘out loud’ and the audience lapped it up – the room echoed to the sounds of their laughter!  

Caroline Langrishe and Adrian Lukis performing Austen duologues – Jane Austen Festival

I was very lucky to meet Adrian and Caroline when I appeared in a Masterchef episode for the BBC last year – celebrating the 200th anniversary of Sense and Sensibility. We had a lot of fun filming the episode, especially off camera and it was lovely to catch up with Caroline last night – they both graciously appeared after the show to chat with everyone gathered there – what a treat for Austen fans!

Adrian Lukis at the Jane Austen Festival

Adrian Lukis and Caroline Langrishe are currently touring with a play, The Handyman, with Timothy West and will be appearing in Cheltenham tonight!

“Harwood’s best and finest play”
 The Sunday Times
Ronald Harwood, Academy Award-winning playwright and screenwriter is the author of this intelligent and stimulating story about law, justice and revenge.
Cressida and Julian Field live comfortably in the Sussex countryside with their elderly Ukrainian odd-job man and friend of the family, Romka. He cooks, mends fences, trims hedges and grows vegetables. Cressida calls him her ‘life-saver’. Then suddenly two police officers from the War Crimes Squad arrive… What has Romka done? Is he guilty? Is there a time limit on punishment?
The Handyman looks at responsibility and the possibility of evil, in a story that holds and intrigues from start to finish. 

The week-long shows begin at 7.45pm with additional afternoon shows taking place on the Thursday (September 20) and Saturday (September 22) at 2pm.
Tickets cost from £10 plus a booking fee and are available by calling the Everyman Theatre Box Office on 01242 572573 or by visiting www.everymantheatre.org.uk.

I shall be talking at the Jane Austen Festival on Wednesday 19th September – it would be lovely to see you there!

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