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I’ve an interview on Hollywood Today with Gabrielle Pantera, talking about Lydia Bennet’s Story. Here’s the link if you are curious about how and why I wanted to write Lydia Bennet’s story plus the ‘researching’ into love scenes that a writer is forced to undertake!

I went to see Carousel the musical at the Savoy Theatre last week. It was gorgeous – wonderful songs, fabulous dancing and some brilliant acting. David Collings (Mr Shepherd in Persuasion, 1995) was the Starkeeper and very good he was too, though for me, I thought Lauren Hood as Carrie Pipperidge stole the show. It’s her West End debut, I’m sure she’ll go far. A lovely evening’s entertainment of pure escapism. I came out feeling really uplifted, even though I must admit to shedding a tear or two over the story.


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