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I’ve been very busy writing a new book which always involves a certain amount of research. I was looking for a surname for a character of my own; it had to be linked to the name Wentworth in some way, so I decided to put in a search in google. I hit upon a site about Wentworth village in south Yorkshire Wentworth village.net and have found it totally fascinating, as I am sure you will too.
I discovered that the family names of Fitzwilliam, (as in Darcy) Watson, Woodhouse and Wentworth are all linked – they are all related in some way in a family tree that goes back to the 1200’s. There was even an Emma Woodhouse born in 1220.

Do have a look at it – I can’t help thinking that Jane Austen was inspired by this family for the names she uses in Pride and Prejudice, Emma, The Watsons, and of course, Persuasion.
I am having a lot of fun with my latest book – there’s still a way to go, but at least I’ve finally got a name for my hero. I wonder if you can guess which surname I chose.
This novel is not a sequel, it started out as one, but I got completely side-tracked and excited by a whole other idea. I might return to the sequel sometime, but this one has completely taken me over.

Now the question that is puzzling me is why Jane chose this particular family – does anyone have any idea? There doesn’t seem to be anything obvious, but maybe I’ve missed something. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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