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I’ve got a new venture, a little shop on Zazzle selling Mugs, Decorations, Magnets and Tote Bags using illustrations I’ve made over the years – all inspired by Jane Austen, her life and her books. I want to be able to help fund charities like The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation and other favourites I follow. I’ve been really pleased with the samples I’ve received, and it’s been fun to make decorations for my Christmas tree and have new mugs to drink copious amounts of my favourite tea!

Jane Austen Lives Again Mug

Jane Austen Lives Again Mug

This mug shows the cover of my upcoming book, Jane Austen Lives Again-you might be able to guess what one of the prizes will be to celebrate my book’s publication!


I love choosing the different colours to go with the illustrations – this is an illustration on a mug of Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot on the Gravel Walk in Persuasion.

I really enjoyed designing the decorations which I shall hang on the Christmas tree this year. They are made of porcelain and come with a gold ribbon. I’ve added a pound coin in the photo below to give an idea of size.



There are many more designs on Zazzle – I’m adding things all the time so keep a look out – I do hope you like them!


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