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Inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Searching for Captain Wentworth is set in Bath and Lyme

Continuing my audio excerpts of my new book which has been inspired by Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion. Here’s Chapter Four of Searching for Captain Wentworth – I hope you enjoy it! If you’d like to listen to the first three chapters, please click here!

I’ve had a lovely review from Laura Gerold this week for Searching for Captain Wentworth.

Is there a literary hero that shines brighter than Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice? To me, the answer is yes – Captain Wentworth is to me the sexiest Austen hero and among my favorite literary romantic leads. Besides the fact that Captain Wentworth is a navy man that has made his fame and fortune at sea, he is also a man with strong feelings and passion. Who can forget his letter to Anne Elliot at the end of Persuasion where he admits to never forgetting her and harboring a love for her for eight years after her rejection of him? That letter is the most romantic letter in the history of literature!

In Searching for Captain Wentworth, one of my favorite Austen Authors, Jane Odiwe combines many of my favorite elements; romance, Jane Austen, Bath, time travel, and Persuasion to create a very romantic tale of love across the spans of time. Sophie Elliot is taking time in Bath to get over her cheating boyfriend and to see if she can finally write the novel she has always dreamed of writing. Her Great-aunt has given her the keys to the family’s old home in Bath to use during her stay. Part of the home has been split up for others to live in including her attractive new neighbor, Josh Strafford. 

Sophie soon discovers that through the use of a mysterious glove, she is able to travel back through time to Regency Bath and live the life of her ancestor and namesake Sophia Elliot. Sophia is friends with her neighbors, Cassandra and Jane Austen. The Austen’s brother, Charles, is on leave from the navy and Sophia soon finds herself falling in love with Charles. Will their love last and how will they make it work through space and time? You will need to read this novel to find out for yourself!

I love Odiwe’s characterizations in this novel. Jane was a lively young woman in the spirit of Elizabeth Bennet and I could easily see her writing her witty novels. Jane had a secret passion of her own, which was intriguing to read about. I loved how Sophia’s Elliot family strongly mirrored the Elliots from Persuasion with herself as Anne and Charles as Captain Wentworth. It was a great story and oh so romantic. I liked the surprise ending. I didn’t see it coming and it was the perfect ending.

A Gateway into Sydney Gardens, Bath

I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you my exciting news that I’m back with Austen Authors! I shall be blogging with my fellow authors from today – I’d love to see you there!


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I’m having a lovely time at the Jane Austen Festival catching up with friends Juliet Archer and Abigail Reynolds and watching all the fun!
Yesterday I went to watch the costumed Promenade which assembled in Queen Square and attended the Festival Fayre – everyone was very gracious about letting me photograph them! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tomorrow, as part of my blog tour for Searching For Captain Wentworth I shall be Laura Gerold’s guest on Laura’s Reviews– I hope you can join me!

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Juliet Archer
Abigail Reynolds and Me
Jackie Herring, Festival Director, (right)
with a friend
Tim Bullamore – Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

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My lovely blog tour continues – I want to say thank you to Laura Gerold for her fabulous review over at  Laura’s Reviews and also to Lori Hedgpeth of Psychotic State for having me as a guest to talk about Elizabeth and Darcy. There’s another wonderful review from Anna Horner at Diary of an Eccentric and an interview where I show the world my very messy study where I write! I hasten to add that I love it – I’m very lucky to have a room where I can spread my papers and books about, not to mention all the pictures, photos and objects that mean so much to me.

Look out for another competition next week! Until then, have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend.

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