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As I’m sure you know by now the very lovely Laurel Ann Nattress of Austenprose  has a book coming out in October! Jane Austen Made Me Do It is being published by Ballantine books, and is available for pre-order! In case you’ve forgotten, though I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice, I have contributed a short story to this amazing anthology. Just look at the fantastic authors featured on the cover – I’m thrilled to think that my piece inspired by Persuasion is to be amongst them, and I can’t wait to read all the stories.
I am so excitied about this book, not least because there’s a chance I may even see it on a bookshelf here in the UK, which will be a rare treat for me!

Adam Spunberg who runs the wonderful Jane Austen Twitter Project with Lynn Shepherd contacted me to tell me about an exciting interview he had with Deborah Moggach who wrote the screenplay for the 2005 film of Pride and Prejudice. It’s a lovely interview which also features our very own Sharon Lathan who was so inspired by the film. Sharon runs the group Austen Authors along with Abigail Reynolds – if you haven’t come across this blog before do have a look. There are always quizzes and competitions to win our books, as well as articles of every kind to tempt you!

Laurel Ann also told me about a new production of Northanger Abbey here in the UK, which I would love to see – Traffic of the Stage presents Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen, adapted by John Cooper at the Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre, in Highgate, north London, 19 April to 14 May 2011.
Directed by Harry Meacher, designed by Bryan Hands , cast includes Ashley Charles (James Morland), Terry Diab (Mrs Allen), Victoria Emslie (Catherine Morland), Sasha Jacques (Mary Andrews/Alice), Oliver King (Henry Tilney), Anna Passey(Isabella Thorpe), Tom Reah (General Tilney), Fergus Rees(John Thorpe), Toby Spearpoint (Captain Tilney), Saskia Willis (Eleanor Tilney).

I’m pleased as punch with this gorgeous review from Meredith at The Librarian Next Door 
Thank you so much, Meredith, you’ve made my week!
Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy are now happily married and settled into life at Pemberley. As Lizzie sets out to learn about being the mistress of such a grand home, she tries to help Georgiana overcome her shyness and attempts to reconcile her husband with his disagreeable aunt, Lady Catherine. But it’s the gossip and innuendo from local families that threatens to destroy Lizzie’s hard-won happiness. Hints of hidden secrets swirl, leaving Lizzie unsettled. Meanwhile, Darcy is adamant that Georgiana marry quickly – and not for love, but for money. Suddenly, Lizzie isn’t sure she knows her husband at all.

Picking up where Pride and Prejudice left off, Jane Odiwe’s Mr. Darcy’s Secret explores the possibilities of Lizzie and Darcy’s life after the wedding. While there is certainly no dearth of Pride and Prejudice“sequels,” Odiwe’s book stands out for being both original and highly Austen-ish. Reading this book, you can almost imagine that Austen herself is continuing her story. While familiar faces continue to grow and evolve, they still resemble the people we know and love from the original. Add in an intriguing and intricate plot with new characters, secrets to discover and mysteries to unravel and you have a thoroughly enjoyable story.
As with Pride and Prejudice, everyone’s favorite literary couple are front and center. Odiwe’s Lizzie and Darcy are very much like Austen’s – Lizzie is still spirited, quick-witted and intelligent, while Darcy can still be arrogant and conceited. But they also learn from each other, changing over time. Lizzie is determined to fit into her husband’s world and prove the naysayers wrong, so she begins to bite her tongue and passively accept the things she cannot change. Darcy, meanwhile, realizes the benefit of tempering his pride and admitting his mistakes.
Any Austen fan wants a happily-ever-after for Lizzie and Darcy, of course, and while Odiwe does give it to them, she makes them work for it. The Lizzie and Darcy of Mr. Darcy’s Secret don’t have a perfect marriage. It’s flawed, but it’s also completely realistic and watching them stand up and fight for one another is my favorite part of this book.
A handful of subplots include Georgiana discovering her own strength and a certain talent for rebellion, a still-bitter Caroline Bingley falling for an artist and hilariously attempting to impress him, and near-perfect representations of Austen’s most outrageous characters, including Mrs. Bennett and Lady Catherine. The eponymous secret of the title keeps you guessing right up to the end of the novel and, to her credit, Odiwe doesn’t necessarily resolve the mystery neatly. There’s still just a hint of ambiguity, leaving the smallest seed of doubt in readers’ minds.
Jane Odiwe’s Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a beautifully written and well-told story that echoes Austen’s original and then takes off in a new and creative direction. It’s a great addition to the ever-growing world of Pride and Prejudice inspired literature – a must-read for any Austen fan or even anyone who has ever wondered what happened after Lizzie and Darcy said, “I do.”
This last nugget of news isn’t really Jane related, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who was so kind when our poor cat Marley died recently. We have a new kitten who is really helping to cheer us all up. Little Vinny is so cute – he’s melted all our hearts, though I have to say when he’s running up the curtains during one of his ‘mad’ half hours before he collapses and falls asleep, cute is not the word that immediately springs to mind. More like naughty scamp!


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Hi everyone! I’ve been very busy with my book tour this last week or so. Everyone has been so welcoming on their blogs, and I’ve really enjoyed all the questions and the chance to tell the world about Mr. Darcy’s Secret.
This week, I started off with a lovely interview with the Book Reading Gals. Here’s a snippet.

TBRG: Before we get to the burning questions that everyone wants to know, can you tell us a little bit about your book?
JO: I am very excited to be here – I think this is my favourite book yet, thank you so much for giving me the chance to talk about Mr. Darcy’s Secret.
At the end of Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet is set on course for true happiness with Mr. Darcy, the most eligible man in England. The new Mrs. Darcy is ecstatically happy as mistress of a grand house and wife to the dashing, yet proud Darcy who is proving to be everything she has dreamed of in a loving husband. His former arrogance is rapidly diminishing under her sunny influence; he is even becoming indulgent and sensitive towards her visiting family. But, the discovery of a secret correspondence and rumours involving Mr Darcy’s past threaten the very downfall of Pemberley plunging new bride Elizabeth headlong into a chain of dramatic events to challenge everything she believes in, ultimately testing the Darcy’s love and their future life together.
Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a story about love and misunderstandings; of overcoming doubt and trusting to the real feelings of the heart as our sparkling and witty heroine Elizabeth, and the powerful, compelling figure of Mr Darcy take centre stage in this romantic tale set in Regency Derbyshire and the Lakes alongside the beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice.
TBRG: Who has been the biggest influence on your writing?
JO: Jane Austen has been the biggest influence on my writing, as well as some later authors like Frances Hodgson Burnett, Edith Wharton and Elizabeth Gaskell.
TBRG: What is the one thing your readers would be the most surprised to know about you?
JO: I went to Amy Winehouse’s backstage party in Brixton, London, on her last major tour.
TBRG: Where is the one place you have always wanted to go, a place on your bucket list?
JO: New York – how is it possible that I have never been? I don’t know, but I am determined to get there some time soon!!!

 You can read the rest of the interview here with The Book Reading Gals.

I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to read my book and then writes about it. Here’s a particularly gorgeous review from Staci at  Life in the Thumb Blogspot
Mr. Darcy has a secret and Elizabeth is torn about wanting to know the truth and pretending that nothing is amiss. This story line captured me from the very first page and kept me turning the pages excited to find out what Darcy was hiding from Lizzy. I felt as if the author had the spirit of Jane Austen residing within her because the language, tempo, flavor, and the actions of the characters so closely resembled Austen’s. I also really enjoyed the inclusion of Georgiana’s own love story and how it made Darcy really stop and wonder if his pride was something of the past or not. This book felt very cohesive and put me right into the spirit of Pemberley and what “may” have happened after Darcy and Elizabeth married. This book will make any Austen fan happy and I feel that it takes the variations of P&P to a new level. 

I have another competition to win a signed copy of Mr. Darcy’s Secret. I loved all the answers for the last one where we decided on Elizabeth’s Secretthank you for entering into the spirit so well!
This time I want to know about your favourite Austen hero. Who is he, and why do you like him? Please leave a comment below with your contact email, or if you are shy you can contact me here
Competition closes March 6th. Winner announced on the 7th. Good Luck!

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My lovely blog tour continues – I want to say thank you to Laura Gerold for her fabulous review over at  Laura’s Reviews and also to Lori Hedgpeth of Psychotic State for having me as a guest to talk about Elizabeth and Darcy. There’s another wonderful review from Anna Horner at Diary of an Eccentric and an interview where I show the world my very messy study where I write! I hasten to add that I love it – I’m very lucky to have a room where I can spread my papers and books about, not to mention all the pictures, photos and objects that mean so much to me.

Look out for another competition next week! Until then, have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend.

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There’s a lovely review of Mr. Darcy’s Secret, and an interview with the very lovely Vic, from Jane Austen’s World today, which you can read here. Thanks so much for inviting me to chat on your wonderful blog!

Thank you everyone who has entered the competitions – they are still open until February 14th if you’d like to win a copy of Mr. Darcy’s Secret.

In other news – I shall be joining P&P Tours in May for their Barton Cottage tour. This should be such fun, and I’m really looking forward to it, hope you can come too! This year, it’s the 200th anniversary of Sense and Sensibility so that’s very exciting, and I know we will be thoroughly immersed in S&S in the Devonshire countryside. I have been before, and the area is breathtakingly beautiful – I don’t think I ever saw stars quite like the ones in the night sky, and there are beautiful walks, log fires and walking in Marianne and Elinor’s footsteps…well, location footsteps, which is the next best thing! Here’s the info below – click the link to find out more!

Stay with us for the weekend in Barton Cottage from 1995 Sense & Sensibility. Includes all your food, the private beach, and all transport. Interior and exterior used in the film, and you can stay in Elinor & Marianne’s room, or Mrs Dashwood’s, or lovely Margaret’s. Book before 28th Feb and receive 10% discount see P and P Tours

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Well, I’m having such fun on my blog tour talking to some very lovely people. I’ve been chatting to Farah on the The Book Faery  and Meg from Luxury Reading has taken the time to read and give Mr. D a lovely review. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

I promised another competition for a copy of Mr. Darcy’s Secret. This is a straightforward quiz! Post your answers to me here and not at the bottom of the page or everyone will see them. The competition is open until 14th February. Correct answers will be entered into a draw.
Winner announced on 15th.

1. How many Bennet sisters are there in Pride and Prejudice?

2. What is the name of Caroline Bingley’s sister?

3.Elizabeth goes to Hunsford to stay with her friend Mrs….?

4. Lydia falls in love with
a) Colonel Fitzwilliam
b) Mr. Denny
c) Mr. Wickham

5. What is the name of Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s daughter?

6. What relation is Mrs. Philips to Elizabeth?

7. Where does Mr. Darcy live in Derbyshire?

8. What is the name of Mr. Darcy’s friend at Netherfield?

9. Who says the following? “An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you do.”

10. Elizabeth is supposed to take a tour to the —- ——– with her aunt and uncle, but goes to Derbyshire instead. Fill in the missing words.

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I had such a lovely day yesterday-thanks so much to everyone who visited-I know there were lots of people who looked but didn’t comment, so I’m going to say be brave, join in the fun! The competition is open until the 14th February.
I’m on Austen Authors today – but I am a little upset because I’ve received a rather unpleasant letter, which is published there for you to see.
I am just starting my blog tour. Thank you so much to the lovely ladies below who have read and considered my book for review. Please click here to see a review and my interview with Royal Reviews
and here’s another with Kelly Yanke Deltener and her review
Keep checking back for more competitions this week.
In the meantime, I know the lake scene isn’t strictly P&P, but I know there are quite a few ladies who enjoy seeing Mr. Darcy in this particular episode of the wonderful 1995 BBC adaptation!

Today’s illustration shows Mr. Bingley and his sisters who all feature in Mr. Darcy’s Secret!

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This is such an exciting time for me with the launch of Mr. Darcy’s Secret coming up tomorrow! I do hope you will join me in celebration as I will be announcing a competition to win two copies of the book.

In the meantime, I have been thrilled to bits with reviews received from the Historical Novel Society, Booklist, Jane Austen Reviews , Linda Banche and My Book Addiction and More . Thank you to all those lovely people who took time to read and consider my book.

Continuing a novel like Pride and Prejudice is a daring enterprise, and Jane Odiwe comes to it steeped in Austen, in all her renditions; Odiwe’s sentences often glint with reflections of the great Jane, and she has a full command of all the connections of the new Mr. and Mrs. Darcy as they begin married life at Pemberley…all in all an enjoyable read.
Historical Novel Society 

Odiwe picks things up where Austen left off in Pride and Prejudice, in an impeccably crafted tale of Elizabeth and Darcy after the wedding. John Charles –Booklist

Jane Odiwe crafted two compelling and absorbing plot-lines in this Pride and Prejudice sequel. One about Elizabeth, Darcy, and Darcy’s secret, and the other one about Georgiana, the man she is engaged to, and the man she loves. I was equally engrossed in both stories, and the added tension and drama Ms. Odiwe generated made this novel hard to put down! …Similar to Ms. Odiwe’s previous novel, Willoughby’s Return, Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a beautiful and well-written continuation that captures the spirit of Jane Austen’s original. Even though the story focuses on the Darcy family, there are many appearances by Jane Austen’s comical and lovable minor characters. Ms. Odiwe accurately represents all these minor characters and gives a few of them some diverting side-stories. I especially enjoyed witnessing the conversations between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Ms. Odiwe’s portrayal of them was flawless! Jane Austen Reviews

Full of the manners and mores so dear to Regency readers, Mr. Darcy’s Secret is another fine addition to the Jane Austen universe…Young love, old sins, characters we love, villains we love to hate, and a mystery threading through the whole–Mr. Darcy’s Secret has it all. Linda Banche

 If you enjoy Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice you will enjoy this book. My Book Addiction and More

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