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This weekend I’m off on a special trip with P and P Tours to South Devon to celebrate 200 years of Sense and Sensibility. I’m looking forward very much to meeting everyone and to staying in Barton Cottage! I’ll tell you all about it next week!


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There’s a lovely review of Mr. Darcy’s Secret, and an interview with the very lovely Vic, from Jane Austen’s World today, which you can read here. Thanks so much for inviting me to chat on your wonderful blog!

Thank you everyone who has entered the competitions – they are still open until February 14th if you’d like to win a copy of Mr. Darcy’s Secret.

In other news – I shall be joining P&P Tours in May for their Barton Cottage tour. This should be such fun, and I’m really looking forward to it, hope you can come too! This year, it’s the 200th anniversary of Sense and Sensibility so that’s very exciting, and I know we will be thoroughly immersed in S&S in the Devonshire countryside. I have been before, and the area is breathtakingly beautiful – I don’t think I ever saw stars quite like the ones in the night sky, and there are beautiful walks, log fires and walking in Marianne and Elinor’s footsteps…well, location footsteps, which is the next best thing! Here’s the info below – click the link to find out more!

Stay with us for the weekend in Barton Cottage from 1995 Sense & Sensibility. Includes all your food, the private beach, and all transport. Interior and exterior used in the film, and you can stay in Elinor & Marianne’s room, or Mrs Dashwood’s, or lovely Margaret’s. Book before 28th Feb and receive 10% discount see P and P Tours

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I’m in Bath at the moment, and shall be going to have a look at the Regency costumed parade this morning as the Jane Austen Festival starts. I shall bring you a report on all I see a little later, but for now, I thought I’d post a few more photos from the lovely day I had with P and P tours at ‘Longbourn’. These photos are taken in the garden, I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the places, but I wanted also to add a couple of photos like the one of the stone cherub and the bust at the end of the arbour, just because they were so beautiful. I hope you like them! I’ve also included a BBC Youtube clip from the Pride and Prejudice series which shows Elizabeth sitting where I am on the stone bench amongst other views.

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Recently, P and P Tours celebrated the start of one of their fabulous holidays with an evening party in Bath to be held at the beautiful house that was used in the filming of Persuasion. I was invited to my great delight, but I must admit when I was told there would be dancing I felt a little nervous at the prospect!
However, I needn’t have worried. I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t been initiated before, and the fact that most of us were beginners only made the evening more fun. Two beautiful and very patient young ladies from the Jane Austen Dancers of Bath came along to show us how to perform the steps. There was a lot to remember! We learnt individual steps, and then the patterns of the dances, not to mention interacting with our partners. Helen Wilkinson who runs the tour ended up with a very poor partner (yours truly) who would keep going in the wrong direction – talk about ‘Wrong way, Mr Collins!’ I expect the fact that I’d imbibed several glasses of wine at Helen’s insistence (well, I have to blame someone) was the cause.
We had supper and then I read an extract about a ball scene from Willoughby’s Return before we all danced again.
I don’t think I’ve laughed so much for ages – ‘I could have died laughing’. It’s very difficult to laugh and dance at the same time, I can tell you. It was such fun, and if I’m ever invited to another, I should love to go. It made me think how much we’ve lost in this style of formal dancing, and what a pity it is that country dancing doesn’t seem to be taught in schools any more, as it was when I was young. Click here to see the Jane Austen Dancers of Bath in this entertaining clip.
Bottom photo shows our lovely hosts Helen Wilkinson and her daughter Maddy of P and P tours.

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Last Thursday evening I was invited along by Helen Wilkinson of P and P tours to come and do a reading of Willoughby’s Return to a group she was leading on their Persuasion/Sense and Sensibility tour. Most exciting was the fact that the house I was to be giving my talk in was the very one they used in the BBC 1995 version of Persuasion which is a favourite film of mine. The house is stunningly beautiful and is also a B&B so you can actually stay in the house where Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds played Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot. Here is a link to a website about the house:Bathwick Gardens
I was invited to supper beforehand which was taken in the dining room. Apparently, the BBC painted the walls especially for the film – the swags of fabric you can see in the photo are painted – a wonderful trompe l’oeil. Everyone had dressed for dinner and all looked so gorgeous – quite a few ladies, and two very brave gentlemen! I also met Hazel Jones, the author of Jane Austen and Marriage – click here for her website which has information on Jane Austen courses that she runs.
We made our way upstairs to the splendid drawing room afterwards passing a large window on the stairs which I recognised (and its view) from the film. The drawing room is beautiful with so many lovely features from the floor length windows to the fireplace. I was made very welcome by everyone and had a really lovely time even though I felt very nervous. I enjoy reading aloud very much and always used to love reading to my children and to the pupils I used to teach. I realised how much I miss it – now my children are grown up and I no longer teach – I really would like to do readings more often.
After a mug of hot chocolate I left them all watching Persuasion in the very room where Captain Wentworth tells Sir Walter that he wishes to marry Anne. I only wished I could be joining them on their further travels!
Thank you so much Helen, I do hope you’ll ask me again!

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P and P Tours!

It’s always lovely to go visiting places associated with Jane – what a brilliant idea to turn a hobby you love into an activity that will give others pleasure too. I’m very tempted by the tours offered on the P&P Tours website, and now their newsletter is tempting me even more.

Why not give a P&P Tours voucher as the perfect Christmas gift? Delivered in gift vellum with a letter from Jane herself and tied with ribbon, each comes with a complimentary upgrade to a Darcy, or Lady Catherine package – or an equivalent superior on our other tours. Redeemable until December 2012. Priced from £25 up to as much as you like! There’s even a chance to win £100 off the next tour! Visit the website and e-mail for a subscription to the newsletter for more details.

Never mind the P&P tour, I’d love to go on the Sense and Sensibility tour! Do you think if I drop enough hints, the lovely ladies Helen Wilkinson and Maddy Hall who run these splendid tours might invite me along one of the days? I can always be available for a reading in Bath!

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